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New Diffractive Optical Element Lenses and related industrial services


3D imaging and sensing is a key part in the technological revolution of autonomous vehicles, next-generation consumer electronics and human-machine interface. 3D imaging and sensing is a rapidly growing market within mobile phones, automotive, industrial and medical domains, where applications like gesture sensing, face recognition and obstacles avoidance are driving the initial demand.

3D sensing is still at an early stage as the accuracy and range of the sensors need to be improved. At the same time, the cost and overall size of the optical modules needs to reduced. To achieve this, the classical and complex lens modules need to be replaced by a single flat optical lens.

NIL Technology ApS (NILT) has developed a highly advanced flat diffractive lens solution for optical components, as well as replication methods for high-volume-production of these components. Flat optics based on diffractive optical elements have enormous potential to solve the presented challenges in 3D sensing technologies by providing smaller and cheaper lenses with better performance. These are key factors for full market deployment.

The next step for NILT is to scale this innovation and expand our current mastering services with optical design and replication services, addressing the increased customer need for advanced flat optical elements.

The objective of the SUPERvisionary project is to enable NILT to capture a larger part of the value chain and establish NILT as the leading global partner for advanced optical elements.

NIL Technology (NILT) is specialised in design and replication nanostructured of masters for high-tech industries, focusing on sensor, imaging and display applications. NILT was established in 2006 and is based in Denmark and with offices in Sweden and Switzerland. The company has a diverse customer base and served already more than 400 different customers globally.

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SME-2b - SME Instrument (grant only and blended finance)


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