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Market introduction of a revolutionary innovative cardiac stimulation system for the prevention and termination of post-operative atrial fibrillation

Project description

A device for treating complications after heart surgery

Following cardiac surgery, many patients develop postoperative atrial fibrillation (POAF), a type of arrhythmia that increases the risk for stroke by nearly threefold. To avoid the use of drugs, the EU-funded DefiPace-System project will bring to the market a device that facilitates the prevention and treatment of POAF in post-operative patients. The device helps the heart restore its physiological pace through a process known as bi-atrial pacing without the need for anaesthesia. More importantly, it is hand-held, easy to use and can be employed by clinical staff in the general ward of any hospital.


The incidence of cardiac surgeries is increasing world-wide in view of the demographic change. Cardiac surgery carries a
significant amount of risk as on average 60% of patients develop postoperative atrial fibrillation, by far the most frequently
occurring complication after cardiac surgery. Clinical investigations show a significant increase in morbidity, mortality and
duration of treatment and hospital stay. The risk for stroke is increased 3-fold! From all discussions with renowned surgeons
results the clear statement that an avoiding or reduction of medical drugs is in any circumstance a preferable and desirable
ambition. The DefiPace™ system is a proven and awaited method by the physicians treating post-operative patients. Our
new system is unique, as it is the only system in history and today, which allows physicians to prevent and terminate postoperative
atrial fibrillation (POAF) in all patients. It is the only system which combines standard stimulation, bi-atrial pacing
as well as epicardial low-energy cardioversion in one hand-held easy-to-use device even on general ward. Target customers
are all patients undergoing cardiac surgery world-wide (market volume: € 1.5 billion). Advantages: Simplicity • TMA pacing &
cardioversion wires: easy to use, similar to standard pacing wires • DefiPace device: Intuitive handling for clinical staff similar
to standard external pacemakers Prevention and Termination: • Bi-atrial pacing as an effective way to prevent POAF •
Quick Termination of atrial fibrillation with safe, elegant low energy cardioversion • No anesthesia necessary Cost savings
for surgical clinics • Significant cost savings: at least €1,000per day/patient Improved health • Few or no medication
required • All complications from atrial fibrillation can be completely avoided The DefiPace™-System is as a key product for
OSYPKA and will lead to significant increase of sales and employees. We will revolutionize the pacemaker market a second
time in our history

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