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Unlocking excellence in research and innovation in neurobiology and neurological disorders at IBMC/I3S

Project description

Creating platform for advanced neurosciense research in Portugal

Neuroscience research at the Instituto de Biologia Molecular e Celular (IBMC/i3S) in Portugal focuses on neurodegenerative diseases, from the study of the causing mechanisms to drug discovery, and preclinical and clinical studies. The lack of a strong research program on neural cell biology is an obstacle to the development of the full potential of IBMC/i3S in the field of neuroscience. The objective of the EU-funded NCBio project is to recruit an experienced researcher and research project manager in the field of neural cell biology, along with a scientific team, to establish a new research group at IBMC/i3S. NCBio will strengthen research teams in scientific, administrative and grant preparation matters, upgrade the existing doctoral programmes and engage stakeholder communities in positioning IBMC/i3S research closer to the market.


Our limited understanding of the cellular and molecular basis of the Nervous System, together with the divergent and complex traits of Neurological Disorders, is a major obstacle in finding therapeutic solutions for this group of diseases. At IBMC/i3S, many of the groups developing their work in Neuroscience are focused on neurodegenerative disease, from the identification of disease-causing mechanisms, to drug-discovery and preclinical and clinical studies. The lack of a strong research programme on Basic Neural Cell Biology has been identified by the institute as a major handicap to implement the full potential of the work performed in the field of Neuroscience. Responding to this need, the main objective of NCbio is to recruit and maintain an experienced researcher and research project manager in the field of Neural Cell Biology (ERA Chair Holder), as well as her/his scientific team that will establish a new research group at i3S/IBMC. The Neural Cell Biology research group led by the ERA Chair Holder will provide excellence and trigger innovation in this particular area and will modify the R&I landscape in Neurobiology and Neurologic Disorders at the institute with a positive impact on the region and Portugal. In addition to the structural changes in R&I brought by the ERA Chair Holder, she/he will also help tackle other weaknesses and leverage opportunities IBMC/i3S has, through measures like: • Capacitation of research teams in scientific and in research administration and grant preparation matters, addressing also the technical teams on this latter aspect; • Upgrade of existing IBMC/i3S Doctoral programmes through the creation of a Neural Cell Biology PhD offer; • Engagement of stakeholder communities to help the institute and the external stakeholders achieve higher added value for their activities and results, while positioning IBMC/i3S and its research closer to the market (including the operation of the Neural Cell Biology Stakeholder Hub).

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