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Report on training and experiment support v1

Description of new resources added to the IT infrastructure and the usage of datasets and data analysis tools during the first cycle of residencies. Training and learning resources delivered in the first year of the project.

Exploitation and sustainability strategy

This deliverable iterates over the initial ideas outlined in Section 2.2 to propose an overall strategy and supporting measures towards its implementation.

Call documentation

Comprised of (1) guidelines for applicants including the text of the call and evaluation criteria, (2) template for the sub-grantee agreement, (3) application form for applicants at F6S, (4) Q&A section and (5) online microsite at the project website. Updates on every call M14 & M25

Incubation and acceleration services

Description of service portfolio for companies joining the programme.

Impact assessment framework

This deliverable describes the methodological impact assessment framework in terms impact areas, variables and indicators. It will include policy briefs.

Intermediary dissemination report v1

The annual dissemination report collects, analyses and reviews the dissemination activities undertaken by the consortium and gives feedback to the consortium partners to coordinate and structure the dissemination of the project as a whole.

Data, tools and infrastructure for experimental support

Description of the IT infrastructure deployed to provide participants from experiments with open data catalogues and digital methods for data analysis

Subgrantee agreement template

Template of the legal contractual document to be signed by selected teams and the consortium. Updates on every call M14 & M25.

Summary of calls v1

Summary including relevant statistics and findings during the open call phase, including updates after each call.

Dissemination and communication strategy and instruments

This deliverable will define the communication plan and strategy and establish impact measurement instruments and strategies. It will also comprise a solid design guide depicting the branding and visual language the project will use. In line with this, the main PR materials are produced, and the first iteration of the main project website and social media channels is established.

Experiments oversight tools

Processes and tools to document and assess progress in experimentation projects.

Website updates and social media presence

This deliverable will produce iterations of the web and social media presence of the project, including curated content and collaterals.

Data management plan

The report lists the technical and organisational measures regarding the handling and storage of data, such as the research data volume, access, licensing and integration features, in accordance with the relevant legal framework and in particular the GDPR. This report will also detail data characteristics, privacy preserving security plans and authorisations and will thus answer data security and privacy questions, such as where the data will be physically processed and what physical security protection features, and privacy protocols will be implemented.

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