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Digital twins bringing agility and innovation to manufacturing SMEs, by empowering a network of DIHs with an integrated digital platform that enables Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS)

Project description

Innovative solution for manufacturing SMEs

The CloudiFacturing innovative solution integrates software and hardware platforms to assist manufacturing SMEs and their demand for advanced cloud- or HPC-based ICT solutions. The EU-funded DIGITbrain project will extend CloudiFacturing with an augmented digital-twin concept called digital product brain (DPB) and a smart business model called manufacturing as a service (MaaS). The DPB will allow the customisation and adaptation of on-demand data, models, algorithms and resources for industrial products according to individual conditions. MaaS will permit manufacturing SMEs to reach advanced manufacturing facilities within their territories and beyond. The project aims to support the development of advanced digital and manufacturing technologies through more than 20 highly innovative cross-border experiments, in addition to training and assisting digital innovation hubs in the implementation of the Maas model, contributing to their long-term sustainability.


The DIGITbrain project is deeply rooted in the innovation ecosystem of the I4MS project CloudiFacturing and the industrial platforms FIWARE and IDS, and it will build on these results, by means of extending the CloudiFacturing solution with an augmented digital-twin concept called “Digital Product Brain” (DPB) and a smart business model called “Manufacturing as a Service” (MaaS). By having access to on-demand data, models, algorithms, and resources for industrial products (i.e. mechatronic systems supporting the production of other products), the DBP will enable their customisation and adaptation according to individual conditions. The availability of industrial-product capacity will facilitate the implementation of MaaS, which will allow manufacturing SMEs to access advanced manufacturing facilities within their regions or to distribute their orders across different ones. The DIGITbrain project will address four principles that will foster the uptake of advanced digital and manufacturing technologies. A) Technology: leverage edge-, cloud- and HPC-based modelling, simulation, optimisation, analytics, and machine learning tools and augment the concept of digital twin with a memorizing capacity that records the provenance of the industrial product over its full lifecycle. B) Feasibility: support more than 20 highly innovative cross-border experiments, bringing together technology providers and manufacturing end users, and facilitating cost-effective distributed and localised production, based on on-demand manufacturing machine capacity. C) Sustainability: coach and empower DIHs to implement the smart business model MaaS and contribute to their long-term sustainability, by increasing their portfolio with services tailored to the industrial needs of their regions. D) Network of DIHs: engage DIHs across Europe that implement MaaS, enable manufacturing SMEs to co-create and experiment with digital innovations before investing, and attract national and regional funding.


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