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Internet of Things: Advance Learning in Networked Training

Project description

High-level learning in the field of IoT

Research groups from universities and companies from five EU member states and one associated country will come together to form an innovative training network on the Internet of Things (IoT). Coordinated by the EU-funded IoTalentum project, 15 early-stage researchers will receive high-level training in the field of next-generation IoT. The next step will be to advance the IoT by producing coordinated advantages in the area of infrastructures and cybersecurity. The global research objective includes the development of integral, autonomous and flexible control for a heterogeneous infrastructure for the new era of IoT based on 5G. Moreover, the project will propose new cybersecurity solutions and develop smart grids using the infrastructure and services of the next generation of IoT.


The Internet of Things (IoT) consists of a vast number of interconnected devices with heterogeneous characteristics. The market value of IoT is expected to exceed trillions of euros by 2020 and, with so much at stake, Europe has to pursue leadership in this area. Although several aspects of research and deployment of separate IoT pieces have been addressed by some EU project initiatives, integral training and research across diverse sectors, i.e. providing a global view of IoT technologies and applications for the professionals of tomorrow has not been yet addressed. That is the driving force for IoTalentum, a European Training Network on IoT, providing interdisciplinary and integral training and research in IoT: infrastructures, cybersecurity and applications.

IoTalentum will train 15 Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs) through an outstanding training program that includes coordinated research in different IoT fields. IoTalentum has been structured in 6 workpackages (WPs): 3 research WPs focused on infrastructures, cybersecurity and applications, respectively, and 3 transversal WPs.

IoTalentum establishes a well-balanced, interdisciplinary, intersectoral and innovative training network of 11 beneficiaries: 6 companies and 5 universities. Moreover, IoTalentum is also composed of two partner organisations from industry and one university complementing the expertise of beneficiaries.

The overarching objective of IoTalentum is to provide high-level training in the field of IoT to a new generation of ESRs to provide them with the transferable skills necessary for thriving careers in a burgeoning area that underpins innovative technological development across a range of diverse disciplines. This goal will be achieved by a unique combination of “hands-on” research training, non-academic placements, courses and workshops on scientific and complementary soft skills facilitated by the academic/non-academic composition of the consortium.


Net EU contribution
€ 752 714,64

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Centro (ES) Castilla y León Valladolid
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Total cost
€ 752 714,64

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