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Research and training network on understanding Deep icE corE Proxies to Infer past antarctiC climatE dynamics

Project description

ESR training in understanding climate change in Antarctica

The new European ice drilling project 'Beyond EPICA', which started in 2019 aiming to extract the oldest Antarctic ice core, offers new and unique climate change-related scientific insight. The EU-funded DEEPICE project will carry out an innovative training programme for a new generation of 15 early-stage researchers (ESRs) in instrumentation, ice core analysis, statistic tools and glaciological and climatic modelling. The project will exploit expertise acquired in 'Beyond EPICA', offering the ESRs the possibility to implement their individual research projects, focussing on an analytical or modelling subject in a solid interdisciplinary and intersectoral environment. The ESRs will actively participate in science mediation in the field of climate change, taking into consideration the role of a combined data modelling methodology.


"DEEPICE aims to train a new generation of European researcher (15 ESRs) working on scientific issues related to climate change in Antarctica by taking advantage of the unique scientific dynamic of the new European ice drilling ""Beyond EPICA"" which started in 2019 to extract a 1.5 million years old Antarctic ice core. The consortium gathers complementary expertise in instrumentation (for field conditions in extreme conditions or in the laboratory for the precise analysis of small ice samples), statistic tools as well as glaciological and climatic modeling from 10 different countries. The ESRs will carry out their individual research projects with a focus on an analytical or modeling subject in a strong interdisciplinary and intersectoral environment keeping in mind the importance of a combined data-model approach and with an active participation in science mediation in the field of climate change. The DEEPICE project will set up an innovative training program allowing the trained ESRs to acquire essential core and additional skills in instrumentation, ice core analysis, statistics and modeling, as well as a wide range of soft skills fostering their career perspectives. Especially, a thematic school will allow students to get in touch with different scientific mediators, publishers, journalists and political advisers. The research and training program gives an important place to scientific mediation and communication of obtained results to the general public and more specific stakeholders. After having completed the training, DEEPICE’s ESRs will be fully equipped for engaging in academic and non-academic careers related to glaciology, climate change, geophysics and instrumentation in geoscience."


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