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Training on Laser Fabrication and Ion Implantation of Defects as Quantum Emitters

Project description

Laying the groundwork for European leadership in quantum technologies

Quantum photonics bridges the fields of physics and information science. It builds on quantum mechanics and the unique properties of photons to deliver a new way to encode, transmit and process information that promises to revolutionise information and communications technologies. Photonic quantum devices promise to open the way for the realisation of quantum technologies, such as quantum sensing, quantum communication and quantum computing. Delivering these applications will rely not only on the development of the technologies themselves but also the methods required to fabricate practical devices. The EU-funded LasIonDef project is training a new generation of researchers to ensure that Europe takes the lead in the development and delivery of quantum technologies.


LasIonDef will establish an effective and innovative network delivering high level training in integrated quantum photonic and microfluidics platforms and helping to fulfil Europe’s necessity for expertise in applied quantum technologies. The project unites outstanding European academic and industry researchers with complementary theoretical and experimental background to develop tomorrow’s quantum technologies. Photonic quantum devices based on solid state quantum emitters represent one of the most promising approaches to realize quantum technologies such as quantum sensing, quantum communication and quantum computing. Quantum technologies are expected to mimic trends seen in semiconductor microelectronics, whereby sophisticated networks are composed of simpler building blocks, from a favoured group of advanced materials. LasIonDef will provide highly qualified young professionals skilled training on the design, theory, fabrication, characterisation, and integration of quantum devices in emerging quantum material platforms such as diamond, GaN, and hBN. To the industrial partners, the project will offer young and brilliant researchers, with relevant skills to prosper in an industrial environment, while delivering cutting-edge quantum photonic devices. LasIonDef will contribute to the teaching and dissemination of quantum physics and quantum technologies by producing open access educational material. LasIonDef will train 13 ESRs in the highly interdisciplinary field of quantum technologies, provide 3 years of training within the facilities of our research centers and industrial partners. In addition, LasIonDef will further strengthen Europe’s world leading position in research and development of quantum technologies.


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