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Predictive Rendering In Manufacture and Engineering

Project description

Innovative training in the field of predictive rendering

In recent years, the field of computer science has enjoyed high levels of development and innovation. Moreover, there is a growing demand for computer science specialists in many sectors of manufacturing and engineering, including predictive rendering (PR) – image synthesis which delivers results that one can actually rely on to be visually accurate. The EU-funded PRIME project is bringing together some of Europe’s main actors in the field of PR research, including seven prestigious universities. The aim is to create a high-profile academic consortium of 15 early-stage researchers, offering them the opportunity to explore multiple real-world use cases of PR technology and allowing them to develop the skills and protocols needed for the technology's industrial usage.


The goal of this ITN is to have the participants develop skills and protocols needed for industrial usage of Predictive Rendering (PR) technologies - image synthesis which delivers results that one can actually rely on to be visually accurate. Application areas of such systems are in product design, architecture, sensor system calibration, training of autonomous vehicle systems, and manufacturing control. This is a cutting-edge area of applied computer science, in which European academia and industry are currently amongst the global technology leaders. An ITN network in this area will greatly aid in maintaining and increasing the competitive edge of the European region in this regard, and train young researchers in a promising, future-oriented and research-driven application area. It will establish longer term collaborations and lasting structured training programmes between the partner organisations, as well as conducting research work on several highly important engineering problems in this area.


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