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The European IoT HUb - Growing a sustainable and comprehensive ecosystem for Next Generation Internet of Things

Project description

Shaping a self-sustaining European IoT community

An increasing number of organisations and industries today use the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve their decisions, operation or products. The IoT is crucial for an inclusive, trustworthy and sustainable digital future. But in Europe, IoT communities, research and technology remain dispersed. Enforcing and consolidating the current IoT community of researchers to address future challenges is an essential European goal, formulated in the Next Generation Internet initiative. The EU-funded EU-IoT project will create a strong consortium to elaborate a strategy for an open and inclusive ecosystem and facilitating the creation of a self-sustaining, European IoT community. EU-IoT will act to foster the interactions of all players, know-how exchange, the creation of strategic partnerships and long-term collaboration of a new European ecosystem that is ready for future transformations.


EU-IoT will act as an accelerator for the whole European IoT ecosystem towards transforming the current IoT community of researchers and innovators in Europe into an increasingly cohesive, dynamic, participatory and sustainable ecosystem, as an essential part of the Next Generation Internet initiative. It will intervene to assist stakeholders to engage and create value, as well as set up a self-sustaining European IoT community.

This requires tackling a number of challenges related to the complex interplay among stakeholders and the many relevant initiatives. The overarching need is the consolidation of fragmented IoT verticals and the still disconnected research and technology domains. To this purpose, EU-IoT set up a strong consortium and plan of action for the establishment of an open and inclusive ecosystem facilitating interactions of all players, know-how exchange, creation of strategic partnerships and durable liaisons. Agility of planning and action is paramount to meet the demand and needs of an ecosystem that is in continuous transformation.

EU-IoT will a) help to create a common strategy aligned with the NGI vision to achieve the H2020 goals, while supporting the transition to Horizon Europe; b) foster synergies, liaisons and exchange among all key players in the European landscape; c) support and coordinate outreach and impact creation activities of upcoming ICT-56 projects and Large Scale Pilots; d) pave the way for the development of business models, innovation activities and skills building that lower adoption and deployment barriers for IoT solutions; e) provide a collaborative framework, including content, tools and processes, to engage all EU researchers, developers, integrators and users, thus overcoming fragmentation and assisting further development of a strong European IoT-empowered economy as core building block of the Digital Single Market and Digital Europe altogether.

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