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Revolutionary vaccines to prevent pandemic and seasonal outbreaks of respiratory viral infections: The best-in-class UNIVERSAL multi-season influenza vaccine


While an ongoing pandemic outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) is having enormous impact on global societies, a quest for effective vaccination becomes of unprecedented importance to save lives and economies globally.
Symptomatic flu, another respiratory RNA viral infection, affects ~10% of global population every year and leads to regular pandemic outbreaks. Existing prophylactic vaccination requires updates each flu season or pandemic outbreak, and has a strikingly limited efficacy (40% on average, as low as 9% in elderly). This is mainly due to a rapid mutation rate of surface viral proteins that are targeted by the current vaccines. Governments, institutions and vaccine community urgently seek for a universal flu vaccine that would provide a multi-season protection against all seasonal and emerging pandemic viral strains.
OSIVAX, a French clinical stage innovative biotech, strives to develop vaccines able to prevent respiratory viral infections across multiple seasons and outbreak. OSIVAX has developed OVX836, a best-in-class, game-changing universal flu vaccine candidate.
OVX836 is based on oligoDOM®, a proprietary immune-boosting technology that triggers powerful, targeted and durable immune responses involving activation of specific immune response killing infected cells. OVX836 circumvents the need for annual vaccination updates by targeting an intraviral protein that is highly conserved across all influenza strains.
OVX836 has a potential to disrupt the flu vaccine market currently dominated by single-season vaccines. The revolutionary universal flu vaccine is predicted to have a blockbuster potential (>€2.5 billion). OSIVAX’s experienced team aims to get OVX836 ready for the clinical proof-of-efficacy milestone (Phase IIb) that will position the company for >€500M licensing deal with a big pharma in 2024.

At the moment, OSIVAX leverages this revolutionary clinical-stage technology to initiate the development of a universal vaccine against corona

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