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Fertiliser from air by plasma treatment

Resultado final

Finalised reports from sustainability assessment/LCA study

Finalised reports from sustainability assessmentLCA study Included background data from research statistics and field and farm trials made available to researchers and policy makers

Total unit design ready for manufacturing

Design a first-of-a-kind commercial system suitable for serial production. Besides the technical specifications, business requirements to gain market value must be met. The business requirements will be defined upon start of the task and will include unit cost below 50 kEUR and maintenance schedule below 3 months. When the first of a kind commercial system has been proven, the actual system will be designed based on the learnings from the first generation

Thermal plasma model for the existing thermal torch

developing a thermal plasma model for the existing thermal torch of ScanArc to support the experiments of WP3 A 3D fluid dynamics model will be developed within COMSOL based on the NavierStokes equations using the experimental plasma power and reactor dimensions as input This will provide information on the gas flow profiles plasma temperature and densities of the most important plasma species including neutral molecules radicals ions and electrons From the gas composition NOx concentration at the outlet the NOx yield will be predicted Based on the plasma power and gas flow rate which both determine the specific energy input in the plasma the energy consumption and energy efficiency of the process will be predicted The model will be finetuned by comparison with experimental data for the existing ScanArc and after validation the model will be used to scan a wide range of conditions flow rate plasma power geometrical variations for further optimisation of the NOx yield and energy consumption

Established website and content production

Project website Responsible Kre Gunnar Flystad N2 The project will establish a project website with information about the solution research topics and key milestones The website will be part of the existing website of N2 Applied linked with overall messaging and focus on impact from the project The main aim is to create curiosity within research institutions and other stakeholders The website will be updated continuously throughout the project

Four seminars during the project period

Arrange seminars for experts researchers advisors and partners Responsible Kre Gunnar Flystad N2 Gathering people around specific topics like plasma and agronomy to educate and facilitate discussions on the development of the solution and important results will be important to involve potential stakeholders By targeting key institutions for the customers the seminars might serve as an effective way to influence customers in the commercialisation phase later

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