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On-chip efficient storage of electrical energy with negative super-capacitance in 2D material systems

Project description

Edgy new technology enables on-chip energy storage

An ever-increasing number and type of wireless devices are joining the Internet of Things, functioning far from data centres. They are supported by so-called edge computing that occurs near the source of the data and relies less on the cloud to enhance speed, integrity and responsiveness. Improved on-chip energy storage solutions can ensure remote surgical procedures, self-driving cars and more carry out their tasks without interruption. The EU-funded N-Supercap project will boost the performance of supercapacitors in novel ways to enable a mega-sized roll-out of their scalable and eco-friendly technology for tomorrow's devices at the edge.


We propose the combination of two performance boosters: (i) negative capacitance principle, exploiting ferroelectricity in doped high-k dielectrics, as developed and validated in 2D devices of our ERC Advanced grant Millitech, and, (ii) 2D graphene electrodes to enhance the performance of supercapacitors in on-chip 2D material systems, in an innovative device called N-supercap. While negative capacitance was until now explored mainly for digital and analog low power electronics, we propose to exploit NC in ferroelectric/dielectric/2D capacitors for on-chip energy storage to support autonomous sensory nodes. This will result in a versatile energy storage systems for IoT Edge AI systems, to enable a large scale deployment in tens of billions without maintenance costs, in a scalable and eco-friendly technology. The proposed PoC will serve as first step in the creation of startup that will aim at using such N-supercaps in various IoT node applications in environmental, industrial and healthcare monitoring. We have set a team of experts to exploit this technological breakthrough into the creation of a startup, based on a road to commercialization.

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1015 Lausanne

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Schweiz/Suisse/Svizzera Région lémanique Vaud
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