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Wafer-scale, fully automated solid-state nanopore fabrication for biomolecular sensing

Project description

Innovative solid-state nanopore fabrication for single-molecule analysis

Nanopore-based sensors are innovative tools for single-molecule analysis of nucleic acids, proteins, glycans and other biomolecules that have an essential role in life and healthcare, including sensing COVID-19 RNAs and protein biomarkers. Presently, solid-state nanopore (ssNP) fabrication costs and instrumentation represent an obstacle to the broad adoption of ssNP sensing in biomedical research labs and industry. The EU-funded OptiPore project aims to apply a proprietary optical method to create nanoscale apertures in thin films. The objective is to design, construct, test and commercialise an autonomous high-throughput laser-based drilling apparatus, reducing current ssNP fabrication costs and creating opportunities for accessible ssNP applications.


Solid-state nanopores (ssNPs) are an emerging class of single-molecule devices, which have proven useful in a broad range of applications, from sensing COVID-19 RNAs to proteins biomarkers. To date, ssNP fabrication costs, throughput and instrumentation have remained the bottlenecks towards broad adoption of ssNP sensing in biomedical research labs and in industry. To address this need, we will apply our optical method for the creation of nanoscale apertures in thin films. OptiPore aims are to design, construct, test, disseminate and commercialize an autonomous high-throughput laser-based drilling apparatus, drastically reducing ssNP current costs and thereby opening vast opportunities for accessible ssNP sensing applications.
OptiPore is both innovative and distinctive in aiming to reduce to practice an affordable technology for high-throughput and low-cost NP fabrication. The laser-based NP drilling technology we have developed is an emerging technique that is highly distinctive from other ssNP fabrication methods available. OptiPore will remove a major technical roadblock in the commercialization path of ssNPs in biomedical applications, hence addressing an economical and societal need. Commercialization of our technology will proceed in three parallel paths aiming to bring affordable, high quality, ssNPs biosensors to the broadest possible industrial usages.


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€ 150 000,00
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32000 Haifa

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