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Woodoo Augmented Wood - scaling up translucent wood for sustainable buildings and vehicles


Woodoo transforms natural wood into an augmented material that is strong, light, durable and stunningly translucent. It uses a patented process to replace wood’s lignin with a unique bio-polymer.

The result is a material as strong as concrete and steel, and as luminous as amber. It can be used to create: (A) Unique auto interiors; (B) Wooden touchscreens; (C) Light wooden car bodies; (D) Sustainable wooden buildings reaching 48 storeys.

The innovation is needed as traditional construction materials severly impact the environment: Steel and concrete produce 10.5% of all CO2 emissions. The construction and auto industries must eliminate emissions by 2050 to meet EU targets.

The process is highly scalable. It uses standard industrial equipment (solvent tanks, pressure vessels), combined with Woodoo's patented bio-polymers. It can be contracted to wood processing facilities worldwide.

Woodoo’s market entry begins in the automotive sector. It already has partnerships with large auto manufacturers and suppliers. A global player in consumer electronics is interested in wooden touch screens. Woodoo will later scale up to supplying the construction industry.

Woodoo has a team of 20 experts, HQ in Paris and R&D in Troyes. It holds 17 patents. It targets markets worth over €375 billion.

Woodoo has carried out an SME Phase 2 project, meeting all objectives. It is now applying for an EIC blended equity project. The outcome will be: (1) Scale up production output ; (2) Reduce production time and costs, reduce scrap wastage; (3) Produce a series auto component; (4) Secure contracts for large-scale commercialization; (5) Target private investments.

Woodoo meets multiple EU Green Deal objectives. By 2027 it will eliminate 1.6M tons of CO2. EIC funding is needed to achieve this.

Call for proposal

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Funding Scheme

SME-2b - SME Instrument (grant only and blended finance)


83 Boulevard Saint Michel
75005 Paris
Activity type
Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
EU contribution
€ 574 827,75