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Quantum computing with atom arrays—bringing Europe to the forefront of the quantum race

Project description

Industrial-scale quantum computing as a cloud-based service is on the horizon

Quantum computers promise a quantum leap forward in computing power, able to solve complex problems currently inaccessible and to do so at lightning speed. They rely on quantum bits, or qubits, and the existing quantum computers still have relatively few. Further, the quantum states of the qubits are still relatively 'noisy'. Qubits encoded by neutral atoms could overcome these and other barriers. FRESNEL will develop a 300-qubits quantum processing unit based on neutral atoms, tripling the number of qubits in their current system, already among the most powerful. It should be ready for industrial use by 2024 as a cloud-based service. The future is now, and Europe is blazing a trail.

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€ 2 495 062,50
2 Avenue Augustin Fresnel
91120 Palaiseau

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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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€ 2 495 062,50