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Utilisation des huiles végétales et leurs dérivés en tant que carburant Diésel


Economic and technical feasibility studies have shown that biodiesel could be produced from rapeseed and sunflowers grown on farmland which actually produces corn in excess to consumption and needs heavy subsidies. In order to prepare a large scale strategy for this technology, a semiindustrial pilot project involving a 8000 t per annum biodiesel plant at Kiel was realized.

With some modifications of the engine design, refined vegetable oils can be used as fuel, but in moderate and cold climate viscosity of these oils can cause filter clogging making it necessary to start the engine with conventional fuels.
A more elegant solution consists of the transformation of the triglycerides (the main components of vegetable oils) into methylen esters. This is possible by a catalytic exchange of the glycerin by 3 methylalcolhol molecules.

The fuel is technically acceptable with standard direct injection engines without reducing their technical performance or affecting their lifetime.

If rapeseed for fuel is produced instead of unnecessary wheat, 500 to 1000 European currency unit (ECU) ha{-1} per annum can be economized, in total the amount of up to 6 to billion ECU per year.

Substantial ecological bebfits result from the use of this new fuel are: no increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere;
almost no sulpher ioxide emission reduced carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and particulates in the exhaust gas.

In order to introduce this new fuel into the market, a large scale demonstration was necessary the use of vegetable oils as diesel fuel. These activities include:
standardization of the fuel;
economic use of byproducts;
large scale laboratory and field tests of engines;
demonstration of the production of metyhlester in preindustrial plants;
studies on ecology, microeconomic and macroeconomic effects and profitability.


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