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The coating prototype obtained in such a way had the main characteristics requested : transparency, barrier, low cost.

As a result of the research it was the design and set up of the machine used in the research. It was a machine involving standard technologies; standard evaporation boats and electron beam gun system.

Basically the machine was derived from a standard vacuum metallizing machine for aluminium metallization on plastic film. The machine was composed of a vacuum chamber divided into two half chambers. The lower half chamber contained the evaporation sources; the upper half chamber housed the winding system.

The sources were two: one for the metal aluminium, the second for silicon oxides.

The aluminium source consisted of a plurality of boats heated by joule effect each fed by metal wire wound on respective guide reels.

Downstream of the source with respect to the direction of advance of the plastic film a second source.

It was an EBG source Pierce type and served to evaporate the silicon dioxide that tended to dissociate, liberating oxygen.

On the plastic film running on the two source a dielectric layer deposited showing a composition variable from the outer surface where the presence of silicon oxide was higher, towards the inner surface where the presence of oxide of aluminium was predominant.
This activity is developed in the field of the food packaging. This technology is growing very fast due to the market demand in the developed world as well as in the so-called 3rd world.

The impact of this technology on the human environment has opposite aspects: from one side packaging is sinonimous of waste; from the other side packaging permits to reduce food waste. It has to be considered that in the 3rd world 50% of food is wasted mainly for lack in packaging and distribution.

This project is finalized to overcome the present limits on transparent barrier coating film as a new alternative to the present packaging materials with particular care to environment, energy saving and recycling materials. Aim of this project is the set-up of new barrier structure SiO2 based as unexpensive, transparent and colourless alternative.

During this study will be utilized electron beam gun and PECVD techniques on batch and continuous roll equipment.

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