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A pilot production of aggregates starting from powdered mixtures of waste materials was essentially carried out by a process of mixing/grinding, granulation/drying and sintering at 1100ö1200 C.

The equipment for the granulating/drying phase was designed and assembled on purpose. It is a two-step, continuous-line unit composed of a turbo-agglomerator and a turbo-dryer with a co-axial thermic jacket for indirect heating through a cylindrical reactor wall and a thermic-oil exchanger for air heating.

The selection of a technology for the thermal treatment of aggregates was addressed towards a multi-step rotary kiln. This technology is believed to be the most appropriate for an innovative process, thanks to a higher output allowed by the last generation of rotary kilns, an increased operational reliability and an improved accuracy in process control. The pilot sintering equipment was assembled starting from an existing kiln, to which additions and modifications were applied according to the engineering study. It is a rotary kiln composed of a pre-heating/firing section powered by a natural gas burner, and a cooling/heat-recovery section.
Construction industry components having better thermal and sound insulation properties, and improved mechanical characteristics and lifetime can be obtained using new secondary materials, derived from the recycling of industrial wastes (steel industry flue dusts and fly ashes coming from coal or urban wast combustion). These wastes are thermally treated to obtain granular aggregates, completely inert in acid and basic environment. A laboratory phase finalized to optimize sample composition and process parameters, will be followed by a technological phase where industrial tests of the process will be carried out, and will abut in an industrial applicability phase aimed at evaluating the technical and economic advantages of the proposed final products, and of the process indutrialization.

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