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A number of EMT imaging systems have been designed, built and tested. This has resulted in the development of a modular hardware system and software framework for EMT, which consists of sensor array, control electronics, data acquisition system, high speed computer and image reconstruction software. The maximum excitation frequency for practical operation was also assessed separately for frequencies up to 20 MHz. The performance of the systems has been evaluated with respect to image quality and reconstruction speed. Some initial, but limited, work has also been undertaken to assess the viability of the system for certain industrial applications.

Most of the key issues in understanding how to develop EMT systems for tomographic imaging and what are the performance limitations of these instruments have been addressed. The research has clearly shown the viability of the technique at the fundamental stage of research and substantial foundations have been laid for future applied industrial research on intelligent inductive sensor systems for tomographic imaging and inspection.
The proposed project offers a research and preliminary develppment pathn to the exploitation of tompgraphic imaging for using AC magnetic fields for process and industrial applications. The imaging system will comprise a novel ciruclar magnetic sensor array, signal conditioning electronics bost computer and image reconstruction software. The project will address a number of industrial applications including water measurement in oilfield pipelines, particle interactions in separation processes, imaging minerals and metals on conveyor belts, and crack detection in metallic components. The major research tasks will be:

i. develppment of a novel electromagnetic tomagraphy sensor with associated electronics and host computer.

ii. finite element computer simulation of the sensor arry

iii. research on the image reconstruction software including the design of an algorithm to optimise image quality

iv. integration of the imaging system with a PC based host computer and evaluation of the performance of the system at low image reconstruction speeds

v. combination of the sensor array hardware with a high speed multi-processor computer to perform the image reconstruction in real time

vi. final assessment of the system with respect to the target applications.

Successful completion should create two centres of expertise within the E.C. for the exploitation of electromagnetic tomography.

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University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
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