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Imaging inspection analyses internal state of objects

Electromagnetic tomography constructs real time images by detecting the magnetic/inductive properties of materials. This method has led to an innovative tool for inspection of products and processes in industrial and academic sectors.

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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a diagnostic method widely used in medicine today. This method creates images of the human anatomy and function by detecting the magnetic properties of various tissues. Recently, attention has turned to the implementation of this concept for other scientific and industrial purposes. Electromagnetic tomography (EMT) is a technique that enables the construction of images of the inner part of objects, by measuring parameters relating to the electrical conductivity and magnetic permeability. The engineering departments of Lancaster (UK), Manchester (UK) and Aveiro (Portugal) cooperated in a project, which focused on EMT. The aim of the project was to design, develop and evaluate a number of EMT systems as well as to find out the exploitability, effectiveness, and technological capabilities and limitations of EMT systems. The project resulted in an EMT modular system, which consists of a sensor array, control electronics and data acquisition systems, as well as high-speed computer and image reconstruction software. The system measures the electromagnetic field around an object and transforms this data to images. The images that are achieved are not of high resolution. However, even with this low resolution, they are sufficient enough to yield information concerning the internal state of processes and objects, providing a low cost, non-destructive, high-speed inspection method. The system has initially be assessed for the steel industry and particles concentration applications proving that it can become an excellent inspection tool for sectors such as mineral extraction, chemical and metal products.

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