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Engine Integration on Future Transport Aircraft


BE95-1049 Engine Integration on Future Transport Aircraft - ENIFAIR For the development and successful marketing of new or modified transport aircraft the use of the new, high efficient engines with ultra-high bypass ratios will be of major importance, since they offer drastic reductions in fuel consumption, noise and emissions. The large diameter of these engines in context with requirements concerning ground distance, weight etc. leads to the necessity of a very close coupling with the wing. This however covers the danger of negative aerodynamic installation effects, which could compensate the possible gains and hence lead to large financial losses. Since today in Europe the knowledge about the underlying flow phenomena is very limited, it is an urgent need of highest importance and consequently main objective of the proposed programme ENIFAIR, to provide the partners from airframe- and engine industry involved with a corresponding common high-quality data base and to develop the tools, necessary for later product developments.

The experimental part of the programme makes partial use of hardware from the earlier EC-programme DUPRIN and covers:
- manufacturing of VHBR-engine simulators;
- high-speed investigations on a model with turbofan/VHBR/UHBR engines in the ONERA S1 wind tunnel;
- low-speed tests in DNW on a model with VHBR engines including detailed flow field measurements by using the Particle Image Velocimetry technique;
- development of a thrust reverser for VHBR-engines and tests on DNW-model. The numerical part is concentrating on adaptation and application of codes for - investigation of effects due to varying engine positions - calculation of jet behaviour for isolated engines - calculations of viscous flow fields around cruise- and high-lift configurations.

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