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Contenu archivé le 2024-04-30

Structural Acoustics of Light Weight Components in the Medium Frequency Range


Interior and exterior noise quality are critical
performance characteristics in vehicles. For light weight
vehicles, they are even determining, together with crash
worthiness, the feasibility of the concept.

A proper noise and vibration (NVH) design and refinement
approach is hence imperative to allow shorter
optimisation cycles at lower cost.

In spite of considerable (recent) progress in many fields
of NVH engineering, a fundamental design problem still
remains with the optimisation of the structural acoustics
characteristics of car body panels, especially in the
medium frequency range (100 500 Hz) where Finite Element
methods lack accuracy and the frequency is still too low
to allow the application of Statistical Energy models
with sufficient confidence.
Therefore, the present project aims at the development of
a consistent approach and the required tools to
address the problem of medium frequency structural
identification and optimisation of car body parts, in
specific relation to their structural acoustics

More specifically the project will focus on the
structural coupling between the car frame and the body
parts, and the structural acoustics coupling to the car

The approach will essentially be based on an experimental
methodoloqy for car body modelling (e.g. extending the
holographic modal analysis method developed in the EUREKA
project HOLO MODAL to real time acquisition of pulsed
laser images and for measuring multiple panels inside the
car) and for structural coupling (e.g. using test or
hybrid data based substructurinq techniques for the
panel/frame coupling ). It will be fully integrated with
tools for body panel noise ranking and structure borne
noise transfer path analysis into a consistent global

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