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Remote on line multimedia assistance for industrial manufacturers


The aim of this project is the enhancement of the on
plant machinery set up, maintenance and fault
identification in the end user factories by bringing the
supplier knowledge and know how to the end user through
remote on line multimedia assistance. The core of the
project is the integration of the information
technologies, namely expert multimedia, expert hypertext
and remote on line communication.
The improper set up, the lack of maintenance and
inefficient fault identification are among the most
important causes which produce machine stops which in
turn decrease the plant productivity.
A preliminary study on the industrial savings using the
Remote on Line Multimedia Assistance shows that the
machinery setup manpower in the end user can be reduced
around a 30%, that the recovery of lost production due to
shorter the repair time and increase of production could
be 1,6% of the total production and that the savings in
travel costs and spare part costs can be reduced to 25%
and 10%, respectively.
The principal goals of this project are:
The integration of multiple sources of information
based on the conjunction of knowledge base systems and
multimedia in order to achieve a high degree of
flexibility for a suitable customization of set up,
maintenance and diagnosis problem.
The study of three applications (hosiery, plastic
injection and textile finishing)
A friendly man machine interface to facilitate operator
training and information retrieval (i.e. blueprints, lay
outs, catalogues,...) and maintenance scheduling.
The possibility of the manufacturer to perform remote
on line diagnostic and programme updating thus reducing
intervention time and cost.
All the above objectives will account for an increase of
productivity because all necessary data integrated with
manufacturer knowledge and on line technical help will be
systematically available at plant level thus ensuring
faster and more reliable response by the operator and
consequently a reduction of machine down time.

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