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Remote on line multimedia assistance for industrial manufacturers

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Enhancing industrial processes

Enhancing productivity of industrial processes is not so much a matter of expediency, but also a basic requirement of competition and reducing costs. Both can be severely undermined when industrial processes go wrong.

Industrial Technologies

A Spanish company has designed a telematic, multimedia interface to assist troubleshooting and reduce downtime as well as inherent costs when industrial processes stop functioning correctly. While the establishment and installation of industrial manufacturing systems is far from simple, troubleshooting or fault finding can be even more complicated, especially when engineers or production managers may not be totally familiar with the machinery involved. This is where RAIM (Remote Assistance for Industrial Manufacturing) proves its worth. RAIM is a telemetric system with hypertext multimedia facilities that allows the machine manufacturers to further their assistance and post-sales content to end users without having to travel to locations on site. It is a given fact that no one will know the machine as well as those who have designed and built it, and getting their immediate assistance on fault finding is definitely the most favourable option end users have. RAIM consists of two hypertext multimedia software packages. The first is a RAIM-RU or Remote Unit and the second is the RAIM-MU or Mobile Unit. The MU can be integrated into the machine on site or into the RU which can be mobilised through the factory for maintenance purposes. It is through the RU that the manufacturers will connect to the end users in order to initiate telemetric assistance. The versatility of this product is seen not only in the fact that remote and immediate assistance can be attained, but that multiple machines can be maintained simply by having the CD-ROM with its data installed into the Mobile Unit. As part of the BRITE EURAM 3 programme, this development facilitates the repair of machinery for SME's. In reducing downtime, in supporting technicians in troubleshooting and in providing remote access of the machine manufacturers to the end-user product they have developed a facility that reduces costs, manpower, travelling expenses and production losses.

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