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Remote on line multimedia assistance for industrial manufacturers

Exploitable results

The aim of this project is the enhancement of the on plant machinery set up, maintenance and fault identification in the end user factories by bringing the supplier knowledge and know how to the end user through local and/or remote on line multimedia assistance. The core of the project is the integration of the information technologies, namely expert multimedia, expert hypertext and remote on line communication. The improper set up, the lack of maintenance and inefficient fault identification are among the most important causes which produce machine stops which in turn decrease the plant productivity. A preliminary study on the industrial savings using the Remote on Line Multimedia Assistance shows that the machinery set-up manpower in the end user can be reduced around a 30%, that the recovery of lost production due to shorter the repair time and increase of production could be 1,6% of the total production and that the savings in travel costs and spare part costs can be reduced to 25% and 10%, respectively. The main deliverables of the project can be divided in two parts: - The machine manufacturers; - The end-users of the machine manufacturers. The main products of the project are two hypertext multimedia software packages for the machine manufacturers, namely the RAIM-MU (RAIM Mobile Unit) and the RAIM-RU (RAIM Remote Unit). Another product is the mobile unit where the RAIM-MU will be incorporated. This mobile unit is the platform that the maintenance people will use in the factory plant. The RAIM-MU software can be either integrated in the manufacturers machine (for example in the case of texturing machines of RPR partner) or placed in a mobile unit, which will be moved through the factory to do the maintenance. In the first case, the RAIM-MU will be included in the control computers of the manufacturers machine as part of the machine. In the second case, the RAIM-MU will be in the mobile unit and the data of the machine manufacturer will be included as set of CD-ROM in the unit. The RAIM-RU software is the software that the machine manufacturers will use to connect with its customer machine to do maintenance or tele-assistance. The mobile unit with the RAIM-MU is a product for the end-users. This product can be used to do the maintenance of the machine manufacturers that use the RAIM-MU software. In order to maintain more than one machine, the end-user only has to change the data (in CD-ROM) of the machine to be maintained. The system developed during the project can be used for all SME machine manufacturers and its customers and the industrial impact and benefits will be for the end users as well as for the machine manufacturers.