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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Development Of innovative Low pollutant, low noise, low fuel Consumption two-spark ignition Engines for future vehicles for individual urban mobility


The individual urban mobility strategy of the years 2000 requires transportation means with high safety systems and low environmental impact. For the utilization in cities with high population density these transportation means will be constituted by two-and-three-wheel vehicles.
The main purpose of this research is to develop an innovative engine for such vehicles socially acceptable and characterized by very low pollutant gas and noise emitted by the exhaust and maximum fuel energy utilization (lower carbon dioxide production); Another aim of this project is to generate information for a parallel study on behalf of the European Commission (Pollution Working Group), financed by the Motorcycles Industry in order to define realistic emission standards for the next years.
The core of the system is a new concept, air assisted, direct fuel injection, two-stroke engine around which the best of
engine/transmission technologies shall be implemented. In fact, in this project the validation and tuning of electronic engine control system for two-stroke engine will be carried out with oil consumption reduction devices and a catalytic system. The new direct injected two-stroke engine presents new lubrication requirements in terms of lubricity, detergency and other aspects such as the compatibility with catalyst.
They will require appropriate lubricants and oxidation catalyst formulations which will have to be developed. The objectives of the proposed programme is to work on these new lubrication requirements with the aim of significantly reducing the oil consumption and of developing compatible new oxidation catalyst technology and precious metal formulations specifically adapted for ultra low emissions, air assisted, direct fuel injection, two-stroke engines.
The engine components structure will be also optimized for low and good noise (sound insulated shielding), low vibration and harshness (NVH) and low weight.

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