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Content archived on 2024-05-07

New civil engineering Materials based on bottom ash Valorisation


Objectives and content
The amount of natural resources yearly used by the civil
engineering sector is very high and leads to considerable
loss of natural resources and environment degradation.
On the opposite, the incineration of municipal solid
wastes (MSW) produces residues and especially bottom ash
(25% of the initial waste) that could be ideally
completely recycled in this sector thanks to their
mechanical and hydraulic properties.
In most of European countries, bottom ash recycling is
mainly restricted to roadbed applications and bottom ash
showing a low amount of pollutants.
This project aims at developing new bottom ash
valorisation possibilities and will focus on applications
requiring low to medium mechanical characteristics:
quarries reinforcement, mortars for ground reinforcement,
non structural prefabricated elements... The philosophy
of the project is not to substitute bottom ash to one or
more compounds of common construction materials but to
design completely new civil engineering materials taking
into account the whole characteristics of bottom ash:
polluting potential, mechanical characteristics,
rheological characteristics, variability...
To reach this target, the project will start from the
existing state of the art on bottom ash, waste
inertization and civil engineering materials. The
project will use the technical and scientific knowledge
of the partners combined with laboratory
characterisations and real scale field tests to obtain
the following main achievements:
new low cost civil engineering materials based on
bottom ash valorisation allowing both to decrease the
natural resources used and the volume of wastes
landfilled. The objective is to obtain a possible 20%
increase of the bottom ash reuse and to develop materials
20% less expensive than common ones but meeting the same
a complete demonstration of the long term durability
and environmental compatibility (up to 100 years) of the
new materials by scientific experiments, field test
results and simulations according to the ENV 12290
standard. At the end of the project, these data will be
available to help the authorities to edict new
regulations concerning bottom ash valorisation.
quality insurance procedures, sensors and supervision
systems to manage the industrial production of these new
The consortium comprises the whole competence necessary
for the project: a contractor specialised in industrial
waste transport and treatment, an engineering company
specialised in waste inertization, a civil engineering
contractor specialised in underground works, an
industrial end-user of quarries reinforcement materials.
A research organisation, and two universities will
provide their expertise in the field of long-term
behaviour, eco-compatibility and civil engineering
materials characterisation.
Brite/ Euram III Areas covered by this proposal are:
2.1.1 S - 2.4.1 M - 2.4.3 M - 2.4.3 L.

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