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A novel systeme forthe automatic detection of type pressures


The increasing use of CPUs within cars to allow continuous monitoring and display of engine performance (eg fuel effiuency) and other parameters is stimulating technological development of sensor systems. These aim to oversee virtually all aspects of the vehicle on a continuous, real-time basis, and to relay the results to the dashboard. An important issue which has yet to be addressed on a wide basis is the of tyre pressures. A tyre blow-out can be life threatening, and although motorists are encouraged to chedk tyre pressure regularly, many do drive with dangerously low and high pressure levels. The development of a mass market system for the monitoring of car tyre pressure has not been carried to commercial exploitation before, and the proposed project represents a unique concept which has not been developed for this application before. Previous attempts have been made to develop real-time, continuous monitoring systems for tyre pressures, for applications in automotive R&D work, and for racing cars. These have involved a number of technical approadhes used in racing cars, sudh as the use of a simple pressure sensor attached to the tyre valve, monitored by radio contact with the car's team and the detection of changes in the infra-red profile of the car tyre to establish a grossly abnormal operating condition. Piezoelectric pressure sensors have also been used inside the tyre tread. However these techniques involve the use of highly expensive materials and tedhnologies, and are therefore not suited to mass application in the automotive industry. The monitonng concept to be developed in this project utilises advanced rotary telemetry tedhnology, mediated via indudive coupling through the tyre. The details of the proposed technique have been conceptualised by Astech as an application of their proved expertise in rotary telemetry. Astech and TICS are seeking to apply their technical expertise in the use of inductive coupling for the monitoring of rotating systems to this problem. The research work will develop a system with the following objectives paramount; * Real-time, continuous operation, as well as stationary operation * Low cost for wide use in all motor vehides * Rugged design to ensure long working life against vibration etc.


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