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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Energy-specific solar radiation data from meteosat second generation (msg): the heliosat-3 project


Objectives and problems to be solved:
HELIOSAT-3 is to support the solar energy community in its efforts to in-crease the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of solar energy systems and to improve the acceptance of renewable. HELIOSAT-3 will supply high-quality solar radiation data gained from the exploitation of advanced Earth observation technologies. A substantial improvement of data quality is expected and this should better match the needs of the companies and other customers of the resulting products. HELIOSAT-3 results will be integrated into the follow-ups of the projects Satel-Light, PVSAT, SolarGIS, European Solar Radiation Atlas, and Soda. Description of work: HELIOSAT-3 will establish a prototype service for retrieving surface solar irradiance and derived energy-specific quantities taking advantage of the enhanced capabilities of the new Meteosat Second Generation (MSG) satellites. The main components of HELIOSAT-3 are: · Retrieval algorithms for the MSG-based estimation of major atmospheric parameters modifying the radiative transfer: water vapour, aerosols, ozone, and clouds· Calculation schemes for
(i) solar irradiance based on MSG data and the retrieved actual atmospheric parameters and
(ii) additional parameters relevant for solar energy applications (direct normal and spectral irradiance, angular distribution of diffuse irradiance, spatial structure of irradiance)· Implementation of an operational processing chain from Meteosat data to end-use oriented solar radiation data· Comprehensive validation with data resulting from ground measurements and current satellite methods· Prototype applications assessing the economic benefit of the derived products for the solar energy sector. The implementation of HELIOSAT-3 on a routine basis at two partners' sites will serve the solar energy and climate communities with high quality solar irradiance data. Prototype applications performed by three project partners will assess the economic benefit of supplying application-specific data. This will result in a much more efficient and cost effective use of the solar resource. Expected results and exploitation plans: Main deliverables are the retrieval software for atmospheric parameters, the final version of HELIOSAT-3 for solar surface irradiance calculation, algorithms for the calculation of additional solar energy related quantities, operational processing chains and a complete validation of all methods. Potential users of HELIOSAT-3 will be part of the project and products will be distributed amongst the solar energy industry. A workshop on the benefits of HELIOSAT-3 will be held at the end of the project.

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