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Condition monitoring for off-shore wind farms


Objectives and Problems to be solved: This project aims at developing techniques for diagnostics and condition monitoring of wind turbines (and farms) at remote areas and selecting and demonstrating a suitable set of techniques. The objectives in fact are fourfold.
1 Development of new algorithms for data processing by a case study of a turbine with variable speed and pitch control.
2. Improvement of currently available condition monitoring techniques and SCADA systems to the specific wind turbine needs and to make sure that they will meet the newly developed wind turbine communication standards as being developed for instance in IEC TC88 WG 25
3. Investigating and demonstrating the benefits of condition monitoring techniques and generic SCADA systems in a wind farm and assessing the added value in the operation of large wind farms at remote (offshore) locations.
4. Implementing the selected procedures and techniques for condition monitoring into the O&M plan for the offshore wind farm with the aim to change from preventive and corrective maintenance to condition based maintenance.

The spin-off of the project will also be that all partners gain experience with long term measurements at remote sites. Description of work: The project is separated into two main phases. In the first phase, one single turbine will be instrumented extensively, not only with condition monitoring systems but also with the "traditionally" measurement systems like load measurements in the blade root, torque of main shaft, tower bending moments, speed, etc. An extensive measurement campaign on this turbine under normal and faulted conditions will be carried out. Inter-relationships will be determined between various turbine parameters and condition monitoring results. The condition monitoring techniques will be assessed on their added value for wind farm operation. The most suitable techniques will be improved if necessary. In the second phase, the selected and improved methods will be applied on a larger scale (4 to 6 turbines) in a wind farm. The systems will be tested over a longer period of time. A generic SCADA system will be used to collect and store the data and to make the data accessible for the various users. In this testing phase, the condition monitoring techniques as well as the SCADA system will be improved continuously. Experiments will be done with automated surveillance. Expected results and exploitation plans: The main result of this project is a set of condition monitoring techniques with recommended practices for use in offshore wind farms of which the added value is demonstrated for a group of wind turbines with variable speed and pitch. Furthermore new algorithms and adjusted hardware and software for early failure prediction and an improved generic SCADA system, implemented at a wind farm will become available. As a result of this project a proven condition monitoring system, which can be integrated, with any SCADA system can be brought to the market for a price, which is 20 - 40% less as compared to the current prices. Furthermore, with experience gained within this project support will be given to develop improved O&M strategies in order of or in corporation with organisations responsible for the maintenance of offshore wind farms.

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