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South European cycles of air pollution


To investigate the continuity, extent and annual evolution of the transformation, deposition and transport processes in the sub-continental scale.

Air pollution in Southern Europe and in the Mediterranean basin in particular, presents some new and specific problems associated with the topography and climate in these latitudes. On the basis of recent experiments, it appears that: 1) there are places where the chemical transformation and deposition processes may be very closely linked to the local atmospheric dispersion scenarios, i.e. the chemistry may become site, or region specific, and 2) there are important mechanisms which can lead to the ageing and mid-tropospheric injection of polluted airmasses, which can then become free to participate in regional and long-range transport processes within the whole of Europe. This would help defining the contribution of southern Europe, i.e. Mediterranean area and Portugal, to the global circulation of atmospheric pollutants. Some of the above mentioned chemical processes have been documented in Italy (Milan), while the mid-tropospheric injection, and the regional transport of aged airmasses from the coast inland (up to 150 km) has also been observed in Spain as a result of previous CEC projects.

This project has teams from four South European countries defining the general conditions for the local ageing of atmospheric pollutants emitted in this general area, the exchange mechanisms involved between the various regions, extending from the local to the sub-continental scale, and from the surface to the midtroposphere.

One of the most important achievements of this project is expected to be the production of a, synoptic like, meteorological classification of the most favourable, and worst case scenarios for the development, and evolution, of air pollution episodes in Southern Europe, and the continuity of these polluted airmasses.

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