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European Laboratory volcanoes : Furnas. Study of eruption precursors and the plumbing system aimed at eruption prediction, understanding eruptive mechanisms and hazard assessment


The overall aim of this project is to understand the internal
mechanisms and eruptive processes of Furnas Volcano; recognize
likely physical and chemical precursors of eruption; identify the
styles of eruption that have occurred during the history of
Furnas and the frequency of occurrence; assess the likely hazards
and develop a risk analysis, especially on the human health
impact; and devise disaster mitigation measures.

Volcanic gas emissions and the hydrothermal system will be studied by regular
collection and chemical analysis of gasses and water fumaroles using atomic
absorption, gas/liquid chromatography, classic wet analytical techniques and isotopic

To investigate ground deformation, precision levelling, GPS and EDM measurements,
continuous seismic monitoring and field gravimetric and magnetic measurements will
be carried out.

The volcanic history of the volcano will be determined by geological
geomorphological mapping in the field and photo interpretation.

Geochemical analysis will be used to model the volcano's magnetic system.

To study air pollution: grass samples, lichens, SO2 levels,
CO2 and Radon emissions from soil.

About 80 houses will be chosen by systematic random sampling to determinate indoor
air levels of CO2 and in the same house people will be
selected to collect a random
urine sample. The foundings will be related to available epidemiological information
on the instance of lung cancer and pre-senile dementia in the area.

Hazard zonation mapping will be related to locations of buildings and a descriptive
study of the alert procedures, organization of disaster management warning
procedures will be undertaken.

Protective measures against tephra, ballistic projectiles, earthquakes etc. will be

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