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New Nordic Member States and the Impact on EC Environmental Policy


The objective of the project is to analyze the potential impact of the membership of three Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland) on the European Union's environmental policy performance and its capacity to modernize the economy in an ecologically compatible way.

An important step in an analysis of the impact of membership is to study the extent to which the three Nordic countries and three existing member states (Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands) that are traditionally most committed to environmental protection act as a coherent group and form -or are likely to form- coalitions in the EC policy context. For this purpose a research method combining European integration studies and comparative analysis is used.

The study consists of the following :

i) the coherence of environmental policies in these six countries is assessed to understand whether these countries are potential coalition partners in a future EU environmental policy;

ii) the environmental policy context, policy agenda and policies actually implemented in key issue areas in the EU are investigated, paying special attention to policies aiming at sustainable development and ecological modernisation;

iii) the contextual factors which explain why certain issues are brought to the European policy agenda, and hence the opportunities for the formation of coalitions, are examined. Both issues that are of similar and differing levels of importance between the three Member states and the Nordic states are analysed.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


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