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An experimental and modelling study of two phase flashing jets


The project is concerned with releases of hazardous, two phase jets.

The project aims to produce a useful, well validated tool for risk assessment where terms are involved, to be used by industry and regulators authorities to assess risks to the public and the environment. This aim will be achieved using a combination of experimental work and modelling.

The initial requirement is for good experimental data on which to base the final model. Three existing facilities will be used in a comprehensive and coordinated programme to give data on the detailed thermodynamic processes which take place, together with the effects of changing scale and material involved.

At a laboratory scale, novel, non-intrusive, laser based techniques will be used to map, inter alia, temperature and concentration for individual phases. Conventional measurements will also be made, allowing comparison with outdoor releases where laser techniques cannot be readily used. At two open air facilities releases of up to 25kg/s of propane and simulants will be studied using conventional techniques for jet trajectory, concentration and temperature.

A database of existing experimental data will be created, and the new data entered.

The modelling will be in two areas. A simple integral formulation, suitable for use in risk assessment, will be developed using exiting models and early results of the experimental work. Efforts will be made to produce user friendly interfaces for input and output of data. Also, two proprietary computational fluid dynamics (CFD) packages will be modified to simulate a two phase jet. These will be used to assess the potential of the CFD technique for detailed studies of two phase jets. The models will be the subject of a validation study using the collated database.

Investigations will be carried out in order to assess the ways in which the releases in realistic accident scenarios would differ from the idealised releases which are conventionally used in controlled studies.

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