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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Catalytic wet air oxidation


The main objective of the project is to develop a new, competitive process of wet air oxidation with low investment and operating costs and less corrosion and safety problems.

The project will focus on the design of an heterogeneous catalyst, able to selectively oxidize specific, well-defined organic toxic compounds in aqueous industrial effluent streams, and having a high activity and lifetime at lower pressure, temperature and residence times.
A heterogeneous catalytic wet air oxidation process will be designed; operating at temperatures of 200°C or below, pressures below 40 bars and with a residence time of much less than 1 hour (10-20 min), and able to completely and selectively oxidize organic pollutants, including those containing oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorous, in aqueous effluents with low to medium COD (3-50g/l).
The project will include the following research tasks:

- Catalyst preparation and characterization of fresh and tested catalyst, including synthesis of potentially interesting catalysts and optimization of design of the promising candidates.
- Catalytic screening to assess the initial performance, to adjust the preparation methods and to determine the optimum scope of operating conditions.
- Detailed catalytic screening for performance evaluation of the most promising catalyst candidates.
- Study of the reaction mechanism and kinetic modelling for the most promising catalyst and for the chosen (mixture of) model compound(s).
- Bench scale performance testing of the most promising catalysts, in order to test the catalyst activity and selectivity under prolonged operation.
- Study of the technical feasibility in order to compare the new catalytic route of wet air oxidation vs the existing non-catalytic wet air oxidation technology.

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