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Optimal operation of closed cycle paper production systems by dynamic simulation of basic processes


To decrease the emissions from paper production systems.

The dynamic properties of production systems will be studied with the aid of dynamic models to be developed for dynamic simulation. Operational aspects of the system configuration and dimensioning as well as operational procedures, process monitoring and process control will be investigated. Suitable specifications for kidneys for different purposes will be analyzed. Different strategies will be evaluated for different process areas.

Special emphasis will be put on the system behaviour before a steady state condition is reached. A dynamic balance of substances will be used to obtain optimized strategies for paper manufacturing processes.

The material to be investigated includes fibres, fillers, impurities and anionic trash - here expressed as COD -, and others to the extent these are found to be major influential factors in sub-processes, but without affecting subsequent process steps.

The simulation tools developed at different European institutions shall be compatible to allow a combination of the different approaches. The models have to be validated in existing paper mills. This means a determination of concentrations of the material mentioned above at specific locations in paper production systems.

Closed circuit production systems will be simulated. These new systems should offer the following bene-fits :

- decreased susceptibility to disturbances;
- improved controllability;
- lower risk of accidental emissions;
- unchanged production quality;
- possibility of well defined production and product changes.

The validation of each part of the mill will provide a close-to-reality production system.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


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Participants (3)

Centre Technique de l'Industrie des Papiers, Cartons et Celluloses
Domaine Universitaire
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Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble
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Technische Universität Dresden
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