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Degradation of xenobiotics : an investigation of microbiological events occuring within polluted sites with emphasis on those undergoing bioremediation


The main objective of the project is the determination of the relative competitiveness and genetic stability of representative soil-derived xenobiotic degrading bacteria of different genera (eg. Gram-negative vs Gram-positive) using different catabolic pathways for the same or related aromatic xenobiotics.

Competition experiments will be designed to mimic some of the conditions observed in both polluted sites and in situ biorestoration treatments, ie. multi-strain/multi-carbon source systems. At the same time genetic and biochemical studies will be initiated on strains being used in the competition studies, in particular the Gram-positive strains which represent a poorly characterised class.

The experimental work will be divided into two parts :

- Competition experiments between a selected number of representative strains of different biochemical and taxonomic groups of bacteria under different environmental conditions in both chemostat cultures and soil microcosms.

- Characterisation of xenobiotic-degrading strains by genetic and biochemical analysis of their catabolic pathways.

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