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Variable rate pricing based on pay-as-you-throw as a tool of urban waste management (PAYT)


This project addresses the serious environmental concerns of waste caused pollution and intensive materials utilisation, by a series of work packages designed to increase our knowledge about the effectiveness of variable rate pricing as a policy option for reducing household discards, particularly those destined for final disposal. Implementation has been so far by parts of towns and small communities. The focus of this proposal are large metropolitan areas where different framework conditions impact on the feasibility and require other solutions to be applied. Research efforts are directed on the scientific analysis of the approach, potentials and impacts on the city environment and best practice solutions and recommendations. To have clear managerial responsibility the work is divided into two research lines. Deliverables include the compilation of information and a guidebook for urban decision makers and concerned stakeholders several case studies looking at the application in differing cultural and socio-economic settings, the proposal of demonstrations and an outlook at the possibilities for innovation and technology transfer for SMEs.

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