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Caseinophosphopeptides (cpps) - nutraceutical/functional food ingredients for food and pharmaceutical applications


Original research objectives

The specific objectives were as follows:
- to prepare good quality CPPs
-to investigate the physicochemical and functional characteristics of these CPPs and associated CPP-deplete co-products
- to investigate the performance of these CPPs in human feeding and bioavailability studies
- to determine the allergenic potential of CPPs
- to assess the cytochemical characteristics of CPPs
-to determine consumer awareness of the potential of CPPs as functional food ingredients.
Achievement of these objectives required integrated multidisciplinary workpackages.

Expected deliverables

The long term future and credibility of functional foods is dependent on the possession of basic scientific data which can be utilised to prepare validated claims with respect to the beneficial health effects of using specific foods or food ingredients. This information is required by clinicians, nutritionists and legislators responsible for the introduction of novel scientifically validated functional foods/food ingredients for specialist use or for general consumption. The widespread utilisation of CPPs as functional food ingredients requires detailed scientific information on their production, physicochemical and functional characteristics, human efficacy and safety, and their potential acceptance/ uptake by consumers. The overall expected deliverable of this project was therefore to develop and fully characterise a range of CPP preparations.
The most important finding is the discovery, for the first time, of the presence of CPPs in the distal small intestine in human subjects fed CPP preparations. Up until now CPPs have only been identified in the stomach and duodenum of humans. This result is significant in that the mechanism by which CPPs are thought to potentially enhance mineral, such as calcium, absorption is due to the fact that they maintain calcium soluble in the presence of phosphate at alkaline pH; conditions which pertain in the small intestine.

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