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Molecular interactions studied by direct force measurements on single dna molecules


Recent advances in microbiology and force measurement techniques allow to perform quantitative mechanical experiments on single biomolecules. In this project, I will investigate the elementary processes of adhesion, at the level of a single molecule of DNA. I envisage a series of quantitative force measurements under conditions controlled to the molecular level. A typical experimental configuration will consist of a single DNA molecule attached by one end to a solid surface and by the other end to a microscopic bead. The latter is fixed to a soft micro-needle and forces are directly measured by a microscopic imaging of the bead. I will study the interaction between the molecule and a solid surface as well as some specific interactions within the biomolecule itself. The experiments, which will be prepared in close collaboration with biologists, are interesting from a physical, biological and applied point of view.

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Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
24,rue lhomond
75005 Paris

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