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A workbench for comparative genomic sequence analysis


Research objectives and content
The aim of the project is to develop a new visualisation tool that allows effective comparative genome sequence analysis. The program will compare multiple sequences from putitatively homologous regions in different species. It shall employ an ACEDB database for storage and retrieval of data. Results from various different existing analysis programs, such as gene prediction, protein homology and regulatory sequence prediction programs shall be visualised and used to find corresponding sequence domains.
The program will function as a stand-alone application and also over the World Wide Web. With this in mind it shall be developed using the Java programming language.
A novel concept of the project is to use available analysis programs relevant to comparative genome sequence analysis, combine the results of these, and graphically present them in an intuitive way, thereby facilitating the analysis of large genomic regions. The availability of this tool will be valuable for comparative genome sequence analysis, and furthermore as an auxillary program to ACEDB it will increase the versatility of this widely used genome database management system. Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The project will provide training in the field of bioinformatics, in particular in analyzing genomic data, and computer programming to create tools for this type of analysis. This is an area of research were there is a great need for people with the appropriate skills, especially in Sweden. This project would provide me with skills and knowledge that would form a basis for a future career in bioinformatics.
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The Wellcome Trust Genome Campus Hinxton
CB10 1SA Saffron Walden
United Kingdom

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