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Global models describing isolated rotating bodies in equilibrium in Einstein's theory of gravity


Research objectives and content
The main objective of our research project is improving our understanding of selfgravitating isolated rotating objects in equilibrium within Einstein's theory of general relativity. Despite its theoretical and astrophysical importance and the considerable attention it has received, the description of rotating isolated objects together with the exterior gravitational field they create is still very poorly understood and not even a single explicit example is known. Our approach to the problem will be trying to comprehend the underlying mathematical formulation of the problem. In particlllar we will try first to obtain which conditions must be satisfied by an interior metric so that it is suitable to describe an isolated rotating body in equilibrium (which is equivalent to analyse the existence conditions for the exterior field) and second to find a constructive way of obtaining the exterior field from the boundary data on the limiting surface of the body. In order to do so we will try to link the multipole moment structure of the exterior field with surface integrals of the boundary data on the limit surface of the body imposed by the interior metric. By solving this problem we can then explicitly construct the candidate to exterior solution given the interior metric. The compatibility conditions on the interior metric so that it certainly describes an isolated object can then be found by analysing the matching conditions of the two spacetimes.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
My past research experience has been focused in various mathematical aspects of classical general relativity, some of which are closely related with those needed to to develop this project. However, the difficulty of the problem will surely demand the learning of new mathematical methods and tools, such as theory of infinite dimensional Lie groups of symmetries, harmonic maps between manifolds and asymptotic structure of spacetimes. Dealing with a problem like this will also provide with a valuable research training in gravitational theory. Furthermore, the collaboration with the group in Vienna will be, I hope, very fruitful to know new ways of facing and solving mathematical problems in general relativity.
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