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Sic to metal brazing for medium and high temperature applications


The goal of the project is to develop innovative SiC-to-metal brazing techniques for working temperatures up to 1000°C and in corrosive conditions. For thermal applications (heat exchangers), mechanical applications (seals, bearings) and electrical heater applications, the existing brazing processes do not at all meet the requirements, as they are limited to working temperature of 400°C in non aggressive media. The technical challenge is to develop a brazing process which can overcome the large thermal expansion mismatch and the chemical incompatibility between SiC and metal. The project will study an innovative and promising multi-layer composite joints approach, with successive diffusion barrier and interlayer, creating chemical and mechanical gradients between SiC and metal. Moreover, an asymmetrical heating concept will be evaluated in order to limit the mechanical stresses after cooling. The results of the project are the brazing process for each application and the demonstrators tested in working conditions

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