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Sic to metal brazing for medium and high temperature applications

Exploitable results

Potential applications: Brazing alloys in different shapes; Possible (end)users: Companies delivering brazing alloys in different forms; Main innovative features/benefits - New reactive alloys less reactive than current commercial alloys such as CuSil-ABA or InCuSil-ABA; Potential barriers: Small markets.
Potential applications: Thermo-mechanical modelling of residual stresses in parts after ceramic-metal brazing operation; Possible (end)users: Laboratories or companies working in brazing area; Main innovative features/benefits: Use of combined creep and plasticity laws for modelling braze alloy behaviour; Potential barriers: Small markets
Potential applications: Electrical/Electronics applications: electrical heaters for industry processes, Packaging of high temperature pressure sensors; Possible (end)users: Electronic end-users; Main innovative features/benefits: Higher working temperature: replacement of solder alloys (melting temperatures lower than 450°C) to allow working temperature of chips up to 500°C; Potential barriers: Bad results on tests