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Construction of ordered libraries of the human genome


We propose to establish a physical map of the human genome. based on a set of ordered YAC clones, and to integrate this with information on the position of regions coding for transcripts of medium to high frequency in a number of tissues, as well as other indicators for the positions of genes. YAC clones will be selected from YAC libraries constructed at CEPH (Albertsen et al., 1990), to be enlarged to give a twenty fold coverage of the human genome, a library constructed at the ICRF (Larin et al., 1991), and a library constructed at the ICI (Anand et al., 1990). Different types of complementary information will permit the identification of overlapping clones, and the assembly of contigs:
Iterative hybridisation of high density filter grids presenting ordered arrays of YAC clones (Larin et al., 1991; Ross et al., 1992a) or YAC Alu PCR products (chumakov et al., 1992a; Meier-Ewert et al., 1993).
STS (including microsatellite sequence) content mapping of YACs (chumakov et al., 1992b).
Medium repeat frequently in restriction fragment fingerprints of YACs (Bellanne-Chantelot et al.. 1992).
By combining these data with information on insert size and chromosome origin of YAC clones, and with results of hybridisation of CDNA probes to P1 clones, and other indicators of expressed genes, physical maps containing information on gene position and expression patterns covering the human genome can be established.

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