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Euroconference Rings, Modules and Representations - Constanta 2000


The last high-level international conference on algebra with a wide variety of topics took place in 1996 in Miskolc, Hungary. There have been other meetings since then, but they all dealt with very special, although certainly important aspects of algebra.

One objective of our conference is to present to the audience the rapid recent developments in various fields of algebra, such as for example: - quantum groups and Hopf algebras, - quasi-hereditary algebras, - non-communicative algebraic geometry, - Hall algebras, - higher dimensional orders, - representation theory of groups, cohomology and infinite dimensional modules, - PI-algebras, - the Burnside problem. The conference will consist of survey lectures by the specialists in the morning and shorter lectures by other participants in the afternoon.

By now we have commitments from the following specialists in the various fields of algebra listed above: Henning Andersen, University of Aarhus; Michael Artin, MIT; Michel van den Bergh, University of Limburg; Michel Broué, University of Paris VII; Jon Carlson, University of Georgia; Alexandr Kemer, Moscow State University; Susan Montgomery, University of Southern California; Claudio Procesi, University of Rome; Idun Reiten, University of Trondheim; Jeremy Rickard, University of Bristol; Claus Ringel, University of Bielefeld; Toby Stafford, University of Michigan; Efim Zelmanov, Yale University. The conference will be preceded by a 10-day workshop financed by NATO in which the participants will be introduced into the topics of the conference through series of lectures held by our main speakers.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


Type of Event: Large Conference
This Event Takes Place In Constanta