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As a continuation of a previous series of Eurconferences, the objective of the proposed series of High-Level Scientific Conferences is to promote cross-cultural translation research and research groups by measures that will facilitate the creation of joint European translation PhD programs and will eventually lead to a network of translation competence centres in Europe (esp. including the associated states in middle and Eastern Europe).

For this reason, it is planned to stage the conferences at three European venues (Charles University, Prague, Aarhus Business School, Aarhus, and Saarland University, Saarbrücken) that are representative for the research done in relation to the three interrelated topics of the series. In addition, the conferences will enhance the international transparency of research results in translation and promote the mobility of researchers in the field.

The three conferences will deal with the overall topic of 'Text and Translation' and will feature three perspectives:

1) Modes and parameters of describing the internal structure of texts and its transfer modi from a source culture to a target culture (first event "Textology and Translation", venue: Prague),

2) the interaction of texts with the world in terms of the interrelationship of the established parameters with presupposed world knowledge systems in texts, its representation and translation (second event 'Knowledge Systems in Text and Translation', venue: Aarhus),

3) The possibilities for systematizing these relationships with a view to establishing a (computer-aided) theory and methodology for the translation of texts (third event 'Translation Theory and Methodology', venue: Saarbrücken).

The conferences deal with the general question to what extent human translation decisions (with respect to random texts) can be systematized to include presupposed (comparative) world knowledge and how its interdependence with other text-based parameters varies in the transfer process of translation. It is expected that the systematisation of the decision making process in translation will economize translation processes and reduce related costs.

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