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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Center for research and monitoring of the marine environment


Doctoral students from EU member states are invited to apply for 3- 12 months stay at the CREAM (Center for Research and Monitoring of the Marine Environment) research group at the National Environmental Research Institute ( CREAM is comprised of members from the Department of Marine Ecology and the Department of Lake and Estuarine Ecology working together to offer research training in the analysis of data collected in marine monitoring programmes. The research training will consist of empirical analysis, comparative studies and modeling of monitoring data to extract interesting and relevant information from the data to gain knowledge regarding how marine systems operate in order to evaluate anthropogenic and climatic impacts upon the marine environment. Students will be an integral part of an active and exciting research group that participates in a number of large national and international projects using the National Monitoring Programme as a focal point of their research. The Fellows will learn Important skills regarding the analysis of monitoring data that they can use in their future work. Fellows will be encouraged to bring data and experiences with them from their own National programmes to utilize the tools and methodologies that we have incorporated into our monitoring programme to analyze their own data. The training will include analysis of monitoring data to specifically address important questions regarding environmental management and the Water Framework Directive. The core rationale for the group is that the research carried out in CREAM should lead to a comparative analysis of ecosystems into a broader context, facilitating the overall understanding of marine ecosystems. The doctoral training in CREAM is open to students in marine biology , ecological modeling, statistics, biological, physical and chemical oceanography. University courses can be taken through the University of Copenhagen's Global Change Initiative (


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