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Innovative ceramic processing


The Institut "Jozef Stefan", Ceramics Department, in Ljubljana, Slovenia, invites doctoral students for training in Innovative Ceramics Processing (CERAMOS). The research area of the training site is the science of ceramic processing and its use in the fabrication of materials and components with designed properties for electrical, mechanical and bio-medical applications. The research topics address all the necessary steps of ceramic material preparation and component fabrication. The emphasis is on the innovative aspects of processing. The processes studied include: powder synthesis by sol-gel or mechanochemical reactions; powder processing, dry- and wet- forming methods for producing complex shape and/or structurally designed green bodies with an emphasis on aqueous injection molding; tape casting and plastic forming; sintering and surface finishing. Among more specific topics we can include chemical solution deposition of (ferroelectric) thin films and the processing of (ferroelectric) thick films. Those doctoral students who perform their studies in laboratories that specialize in the properties and exploitation of properties of ceramic materials are particularly welcome. They can get complementary knowledge and skills in the preparation of materials and components. They can learn the critical parameters influencing the reliability and reproducibility of materials and components. They can focus on one of the processes or they can follow all the necessary steps of material preparation or component fabrication and prepare samples for detailed characterization. Students will work in well-equipped laboratories. In addition to the processing equipment there are all the necessary techniques and skills for powder characterization, ceramic green body characterization and characterization of sintered materials, in particular structural and chemical analysis by optical microscopy, SEM, HREM, AEM, WDS and EDS. The guests will work with other students from Slovenia and abroad in a stimulating atmosphere at the Jozef Stefan Institute, a world-recognized research institution. The Institute will help them find a suitable accommodation. Finally, in their free time they will be able to enjoy the charming atmosphere and the cultural events of the capital city Ljubljana, and the natural beauties of the country of Slovenia.


39,Jamova 39
1001 Ljubljana